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Healthy Living at the I-X Center

The I-X Center is on the road to healthy eating. With the help of Chef Dave and Dr. Ann’s book, Eat Right for Life, we are learning how to prepare healthy meals. The employees are excited to start living healthier lifestyles and making every day count with this simple mission:

“…I have one simple mission – to teach you how to Eat Right For Life®…

…How can you get the most out of this book? Think of it as a devoted and caring friend. A best friend that is 100% committed to putting you on the pathway to radiant health…

…I want you to achieve nutrition excellence, but more important, I want you to experience the empowering feeling of being actively in control of your health…

…The way to good health is far easier than most imagine and hold a world of benefits that will stay with you for the rest of your life, so let us being this amazing journey and take the first step together right now.”
-Ann G. Kulze, MD

 Chef Dave has been preparing meal tastings for the employees based off of the chapter that we read that week. He shows us how to cook with healthy ingredients and how easy it is to create meals that look beautiful and taste great! Be sure to follow the Fabulous Food Show on Facebook, to see the recipes he creates! CLICK HERE!