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Ceramics Expo

Ceramics Manufacturing Thriving in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio February 4, 2015 - Over 2,000 advanced ceramics industry leaders and manufacturers, technicians, scientists and developers – along with buyers, executives and other corporate decision makers worldwide – will come together in Cleveland, Ohio April 28-30, 2015 at the first US Ceramics Expo. The event is organized by Smarter Shows in Brighton, UK, on behalf of the expo’s founding partner, the American Ceramic Society in Columbus, Ohio.

According to the Freedonia Group, an international market research firm based in Cleveland, demand for advanced ceramics manufacturing will grow 6% in the USA this year, with many factors driving that growth: increased motor vehicle and electrical equipment manufacturing, as well as changing technologies in the environmental, medical, aerospace and energy markets.

Furthermore, Cleveland+ Business/Team NEO predicts that by 2020, manufacturing in Cleveland will increase 40%, surpassing the national rate and creating an optimum environment for the fast-growing ceramics industry.

Holding the expo in Cleveland is a natural fit for the industry because of the city’s strong manufacturing presence, especially in polymers and materials, said Adam Moore, Event Director with

Smarter Shows. “The ceramics industry in North America is set for huge growth as the range and depth of applications for advanced ceramic and glass materials increases. Ceramics Expo will be a catalyst for that growth, and the uptake in booth space from some of the biggest players in the industry is testament to that.”

Ohio ranks fifth in the top manufacturing states (Industry Week) with more than 400 of the state’s companies serving the polymer and materials industries. Northeast Ohio is home to 10 polymer and materials world headquarters and operations, including Saint-Gobain, a leader in advanced ceramics, and an exhibitor at Ceramics Expo.

There is an increased commitment among top executives to return manufacturing to the USA from China, as indicated in a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2013 and reported on ceramicindustry.com, citing 54% considering reshoring of production back to the USA – and 21% already doing so.

The Ceramics Expo trade show will connect ceramics makers and users in a wide range of applications that serve modern life and technology today, including transportation, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, biomedical and medical devices, instruments and electronics, military, environmental, household and more.

For more information, please visit the Ceramics Expo website.


Editors’ Notes
For more information or to register for a press pass to Ceramics Expo 2015 please contact:  Rachel Thorogood, Marketing Manager, Ceramics Expo rachel.thorogood@smartershows.com, +44 1273 916 302 (UK) or US toll-free 1 855 436 8683


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About Ceramics Expo

Taking place April 28-30, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, Ceramics Expo is a commercial trade show for all raw materials, equipment, machinery and technology used within the ceramic manufacturing supply chain.

Ceramics Expo is attended by technical leaders, production directors, engineers, project leaders, buyers and senior executives interested in exploring the latest ceramic manufacturing innovations.

Through the creation of a focused ceramics marketplace, the exhibition draws attendance from genuine decision makers within ceramic manufacturers and from a vast range of industries utilizing ceramic materials and components, including transportation, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, military and environmental technology.